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Boost your page speed

Say goodbye to slow websites with website optimization powered by Speedrank. Our ongoing web performance monitoring analyzes your sites loading times and creates actionable to‑do lists that increase your page speed.

This service is available for current customers only. If you're a customer, please sign in first to test your page speed.
How does Speedrank work?

  • Speedrank helps you identify potential for improvement by automatically creating audits, reporting and sending it to you regularly via email.
  • Speedrank helps you to formulate and prioritize tasks by simply marking them in the dashboard and exporting a meaningful to-do list.
  • Speedrank helps you to document successes by comparing the new reports to the old one after implementing an improvement.
  • Speedrank uses Google's own technology and sees your page as Google sees it.
    The basis of the Speedrank analyzes is Google Lighthouse, an analysis tool for developers. Lighthouse analyzes web pages on request once and gives extensive, detailed reports.
  • Speedrank makes these reports usable.
    Speedrank analyzes web pages automatically and continuously and translates the technical findings into clear tasks. The complete documentation of the analyzes shows developments and successes at a glance.
  • Thanks to regular analysis you are always stay on top!
    Speedrank can perform an unlimited number of audits per day - automated every hour and when needed at the touch of a button.
Why Speedrank?

  • Speedrank allows and documents the sustainable and continuous optimization of your website.
  • Speedrank provides you with the results of the analysis in a clear and concise way - that's how the developers and your boss understand it.
  • Speedrank is made in Germany.