New features and improvements at a glance

Lighthouse 4.3.0


We rolled out Lighthouse 4.3.0. JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) will be validated. An error checking for usage of HTTP2 in conjunction with service workers has been fixed. The detection of @font-face has been improved. Background images (CSS) have been excluded from testing for the correct aspect ratio. In the audit for tap-targets, fixed elements will be ignored in the future.

New favicon


We now have a favicon as well. A favicon is a small icon, symbol or logo used by web browsers to identify a website in a recognizable manner. To create one, we recommend the Favicon Generator. For real. Maybe we should also create an audit?

Improved presentation and ranking pages


We now present your pages as a table. The first entry is your fastest page. We use this representation for our ranking pages. Take a look at our comparison of electronic online shops in Germany.

Simplified navigation on the detail pages


You can now easily navigate on your detail pages. We did not like the presentation with tabs that much anymore. That is why we have implemented the most important menu items such as Open issues, Passed audits, Hints, Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO as sidebar.

Lighthouse 4.2.0


We rolled out Lighthouse 4.2.0.

Report by e-mail


We sweeten your Monday. Each week you will receive an email with your pages and the performance values of the last seven days. You see directly when something has changed and you should act.

Faster and more reliable audits


By optimizing our backend systems, we will make the audits even faster and more reliable.

Download reports as PDF


From now on you can create and download the issues and the current report as PDF.

Lighthouse 4.1.0


We rolled out Lighthouse 4.1.0.



The link demo gives you an overview of Speedrank. We have selected the Produktgenuss GmbH page for the demo. Of course, we've optimized this page with Speedrank.

Manually start audits


You have made an improvement on your side? Then you will not have to wait for our next audit. With a button in the dashboard and on the details page, you can start an audit yourself. The creation takes only a few seconds, the page refreshes automatically as soon as the audit is done. Happy optimizing!

Better mail settings


Mails from Speedrank in the SPAM/JUNK folder? This is hopefully a thing of the past. Our administrator optimized our mailing. From now on we also use SPF records and DKIM. We use to optimize it and would like to recommend it.

Optimization of our own page


We have optimized our own Speedrank Index. Using Speedrank.

Display the Lighthouse reports


The original Lighthouse reports can now be accessed via a link.

Welcome email and new trial period


From now on, each new user receives a welcome email with a link to activate. How generous of us! We've extended your trial period to 14 days!



Thanks to Stripe, you can now book a plan and use extra features.

Sign up without password


You can sign up without a password. Here's how it works: How Passwordless Authentication Works

Speedrank on Twitter


Speedrank on Twitter! We have created our Twitter account @speedrankapp