First steps - this is how you start

With three simple steps, you can get started and improve your website.

1. Create a free profile

To create a free profile, you need an e-mail address. Go to the registration page, enter your e-mail and you will be logged in immediately. In the meantime, we will send you a message with an activation link to verify your email.

2. Add your first page URL

Just open one of your pages in another browser window, copy the URL from the address bar, paste it into our form and click on the "Add new page" button.

Now we create the first audit directly. Depending on the current workload it takes a moment.

Via the button "Edit" you can give your page a meaningful name, e.g. Product details.

3. View audits and create task list

As soon as the first audit is finished, you click on the button "Open".

Now you are greeted directly with the number of open issues tasks.

It's best to grab your technical contact and go through the open tasks with him. For each open issue, you can either click on "Pick" and put them on the to-do list or on "Ignore", then it is out of focus.

If you have selected all issues, you can create a PDF document via the button "Download issues". It also includes the link to a technical report for your development team. Then you send the file to your team and the tasks will be done in a timely manner.

If we notice in our continuous audits that a task has been completed, this moves to the tab "Passed Audits".

In addition, every Monday you get an e-mail with an overview of the last week.


Website with many subpages

For a larger web site, we recommend that you split your site into page types and analyze one page at a time. The example of a shop could look like this:

  1. Home
  2. Product list
  3. Product detail
  4. News Overview
  5. News detail page
  6. Offer page or landing page

Compare with competitor

Just pick up the start pages of your competitors. So you can then compare and get a good overview.