99  / 100
First Meaningful Paint
1,775  ms
Consistently Interactive
1,775  ms

Eliminate render-blocking resources

Resources are blocking the first paint of your page. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles. Learn more.

Serve images in next-gen formats

Image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP often provide better compression than PNG or JPEG, which means faster downloads and less data consumption. Learn more.

Ensure text remains visible during webfont load

Leverage the font-display CSS feature to ensure text is user-visible while webfonts are loading. Learn more.

Your website reacts quickly on user input

Max Potential First Input Delay (FID) describes the delay between a users input and the website's reaction. Your FID is very low, granting your visitors an instant user experience.

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