up to 5 URLs
extensively test for 14 days
Pay As You Go
0.01 per audit
up to 1.000 URLs
min. 24 audits per URL and day
weekly report via eMail
download reports as PDF

All prices are excluding VAT

Make your web pages faster

With Speedrank you get detailed audits about your website. We check the speed for your visitors and recommend improvements. Check also the websites of your competitors and take off in the point speed.

  • Detailed audits
    With our audits you get important KPIs of your website and can directly suggest changes to your team for improvement.
  • Automated tests
    Speedrank monitors the performance of your website in the background. You can view the results in detail and share them with your colleagues. Speedrank checks for you. Concentrate on the essentials.
  • Easy setup
    All you need is your email address for registration. Immediately following you are logged in and can check up to five websites.
Better loading times and conversion rate

Every second counts! The speed of your website is becoming more important. For a good conversion rate, your website should not be slow. A fast website also results in a better user experience. All other systems automatically benefit from a fast website. Your ranking in search engines can be improved.

  • Better user experience
    Your visitors expect a fast website. Satisfied visitors lead to a better conversion rate.
  • Better Google ranking
    Search engines like Google use the speed of your website as a ranking factor.
  • Better than your competitors
    Compare yourself with your competitors, get an overview and gain competitive advantages.